Life Changing

My Family

My Family

This Is My Life Changing Story…

Hi my Name is Dana and I am new to blogging and thought it might be a good way for me to express myself and the things that I have been through. Looking back 13 years ago, when I was 11, I remember playing with my two twin brothers and two sisters. We didn’t have much growing up while living with our parents, but we had a bond that was unbreakable and a love for one another that was out of this world. All of that changed in August of 2011. We were taken away and placed into Foster Care. That’s the first time I ever saw my father cry. My older sister and I were placed in a temporary shelter, my little sister was placed in a temporary home by herself and my two twin brothers were placed in a temporary home together. They had split us up for a month until they were able to find a Foster Family that would accept all 5 us due to court orders. Well, they found one, but it didn’t last for long. The first year in the foster home was great. We were still getting to know the family and they seemed nice. We went on spring break vacations, out to eat every Thursday and all kinds of fun events on the weekends during the summer. The 2nd year is when everything started going down hill. My little sister was in a speech class at her elementary school. She had an amazing teacher who was in her 50’s, married with older children of her own who had families. In 2002, she wanted to adopt my sister after gaining such a close bond with her. I knew we would stay in foster care until we all aged out (18 yrs.) and I wanted my little sister to have a chance at having a real family. Even if that meant being taken away from us. It all happened so fast and I wish I could get those moments back with her. The last time I seen her was when her elementary school came to my high school for a pep rally. That was 7 years ago. Not to long after my sister’s adoption was finalized, by brothers were taken away from me too. My foster mom said they were being adopted as well, but come to find out she requested them to be removed from her home due to their behavior. Remind, court order was for all 5 us to remain together unless we were adopted. That’s how she got away with it. It was 2004 when I last hugged my brothers and told them I loved them. I remember crying while packing their bags and praying that the life journey they were about to embark would be filled with nothing but happiness and love. I was never told where they moved to or met who was adopting them. I’ve reached out to my foster-mother’s sisters and niece for information regarding my brothers’ last location, but they never responded. CPS was supposed to take us away from an unstable environment and place us in a home that could take care of and love us, but instead they placed us into an abusive foster home. Even though it hurt so bad to see my brothers go, I was happy they wouldn’t be hit on, have to stand outside in cold weather at night just because they snuck downstairs to get some milk or bullied by my foster mother’s nephews. It was the only way I could protect them. In 2007, my older sister was removed out of the foster home by request. Her “behavior” was starting to be intolerable and my foster mother didn’t agree with same-sex relationships. Luckily, my older sister and I have kept in contact through MySpace and Facebook. We’re still close and see each other about once a month, but talk on the phone every week. In 2008 I graduated high school and started college. I also met my husband that year as well in January. My foster mom didn’t agree with me dating him and said he was a bad influence. The problem was, is that he was taking all my attention and I was not focusing on doing her foster paperwork for her anymore. In 2009, my foster mom beat me with a stick about 3 inches thick and 4 feet long. That was the last straw. The next morning I got up as if I was going to work and never returned. I had a bruise on my right butt check that had blood clots. My husband’s grandmother took pictures, just incase I wanted to press charges. Instead, I ran back to the only people who I knew really loved me, my birth dad and mom. The only thing they could not provide was shelter and food, but that never changed their love for us. Today I am a wife and a mother of two. I talk to my dad and mom almost everyday as if I never lost 7 years with them. There’s so much more to this story, but now I realize that my life started when I ran away. This is only the beginning.

Yours truly,

Dana L.